We use and sell a wide range of high quality products. On this page we show you the ones we recommend especially.

Moroccanoil Treatment product Moroccanoil® Treatment

The Moroccanoil®Treatment is our favourite repair, styling and finishing product. For more information about this product please ask us or check the Moroccanoil® website.

 Wella smoothen shampoo Wella SP

Smoothen Shampoo, Conditioner and MaskThe perfect product for coarse hair. It smoothens and controls the hair structure.

 Wella colour safa shampoo Wella SP

Colour Save Shampoo, Conditioner and MaskFor long lasting colour brilliance and to protect your hair against colour fading and colour shifting we recommend this Wella product.

 Paul-Mitchell-FreezeAndShineSupSpray Paul Mitchell

Freeze & Shine Super Spray®A powerful finishing spray for the perfect hold and memory and a spray that protects your hair from sun damage.

 Paul-Mitchell-DailyBoost-rootlifter Paul Mitchell

Extra Body Daily boost Rootlifter®If your hair needs a boost of volume at the roots or you want to protect you hair from damage caused by heat styling this product is ideal for you.

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